Product Testing

We weren't afraid to put our product to the test! 

We have personally tested our cup against other name brands. We were very happy to find that our cup retained a higher amount of ice after 24 hours than even the most expensive tumbler on the market!

To test the ability to hold ice for the 20oz and 30oz tumblers, we started the experiment with each tumbler having 5oz (for the 20oz tumbler) or 10oz (for the 30oz tumbler) of ice and 1 cup of water. At the end of the experiment, we removed the water and re-measured the amount of ice. The Steel Magnolia Company (TSMC) tumblers had the highest amount of ice left. The graphs below show how much difference each cup ended with. And as you can see, our tumbler had the least amount of melted ice!

But if you like your coffee and hot drinks, don’t worry! We found that our tumbler held a higher temperature longer! Other brands lost more heat over various time periods.

To test our tumbler, we first heated water and poured equal amounts into each tumbler. We measured the temperature and put on the lid. The lid was only removed during temperature readings. In the end, we found that TSMC tumbler lost the least amount of heat as seen here in these graphs! 


In conclusion, our tumbler out performed the top 3 leading brands!